Your altitude training hotel in Davos

As the official training centre of Swiss Olympic, Davos has an excellent infrastructure for efficient altitude training. Situated at an altitude of 1,560 metres, we offer ideal training conditions for athletes from a range of disciplines. Anyone opting to train here will benefit from the stimulating Alpine climate, intact nature with a range of opportunities for regeneration as well as exceptional sports facilities. And right in the middle, you have Grischa – your training hotel and the ideal retreat with everything you need to recover after an intense training session.

Your trailrunning basecamp

Take a deep breath and start running: Welcome to the runners’ paradise of Davos Klosters. Trail runners, competitive athletes and occasional joggers are always happier when they discover the countless possibilities of the Davos Klosters Runners’ Paradise.

Our services for direct booker

  • personal advice
  • free laundry service for your sports wear
  • fresh tea refill
  • Lunch package of your choice for CHF 15
  • «Aktive Corner» with brochures, tour ideas
  • souvenir to take home

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