We take our responsibility seriously

Taking care of our planet’s natural resources is very important to us. By voluntarily participating in EnaW, the programme of the Energy Agency for the Swiss Private Sector recognised by the Swiss Confederation and the cantons, we are committed to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimising our energy efficiency. The average CO2 consumption of all 3,500 participating EnaW businesses is around 20 kg per night. We consume 5.6 kg per night and are therefore close to the optimum.

  • Our ingenious lighting concept, as well as helping promote the well-being of our guests, saves up to 90% power through the use of state-of-the-art LED technology.
  • The solar thermal system on the hotel roof and heat pump helps us save approximately 20,000 litres of heating oil every year, and covers around 60% of our heating requirements.
  • Thanks to the modern key card key system, all unnecessary power sources are switched off when leaving the room.
  • Additional energy savings are achieved by lowering the room temperature in unoccupied rooms to a minimum via the central control system.
  • To save paper, we have a digital media library, giving our guests access to the latest newspapers and magazines in paperless form.
  • All opened soaps in the guest rooms are collected and sent to the charity Stiftung SapoCycle. The soaps are reformed and given to families with children in need to improve hygiene locally and fight against the spread of disease.

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