Magic moments

Saturday, 16. March 2024

DANIEL JAAG is not just a passionate magician, he is the magician from Switzerland. Experience the smallest gross illusions up close at the table or directly in your hands! Without camera tricks, trap doors, zippers and false bottoms. Daniel Jaag impresses with his stylish entertainment value. And no matter how hard you try to look behind the secret tricks, some people will doubt their sanity! This is magic!

The fine 3-course menu becomes a bit of a minor matter. But meanwhile you can take your time to analyze the tricks and question them with your friends and family. For kids aged 6-12, he offers a mini-workshop after the meal where you can learn two or three cool tricks.


We look forward to your registration for the magic menu (evening in GERMAN language) for CHF 95 (adults) and CHF 50 (kids 6-12 years).

Reservations are welcome until Sunday, March 10. Tel. 081 414 97 97 or

ZAUBER Menü (German)